When challenges appear blurry Things get out of vision Try not to worry Every scene is an illusion For what is close Becomes unclear And greenery grows But not very near Life is uncertain, yes As the truth lay behind A curtained blurry mess Of demons and the world’s grind One may not see That […]


There’s more to the soul Than meets the eye Nothing is ever whole Nothing is ever high The empty feeling inside Of cold words remain Go somewhere and hide Or you’ll go insane There’s everything you need Yet the echo of space Makes you realize the need That positivity is a race A race to […]


Hold up on the olives Hold up on the chicken Flavour is what gives In food lover’s stricken Forget all that diet Forget all that sweat Inner fighting makes us quiet Against the growing belly debt Let’s just eat All that cheese All that meat Till out we tease The very last slurp The very […]


When there’s too much to bear And to go there’s no where Let not your branches die Life hasn’t turned a blind eye Walk ahead, push ahead Let those who laughed fear instead


Outside the box You’re a cunning fox So, don’t just quit  Don’t just sit As when winds hit you hard Learn to play the right card Don’t forget to put up a fight Coz giving up feels no delight

Blind your mind

What is the mind? So web-like designed A Frenemy of its kind Beauty and beast of mankind   Never laid to rest Like the tip of a crest Standing on the edge Like a withered sedge   Always seeking Always peeking Newer phases Complicated mazes   Power of over-thinking Linking, blinking, shrinking The mind needs […]